(Born in Panama City August 12 1992) is a singer / songwriter of Dominican descent.

Manuel Alejandro Meran Montenegro, known as Alex Meran, was born in Panama City the 12 agoust 1992. Son of Dominican Father, and Mother Panamanian. His name is in honor of the great composer of the song that both soothed him in the belly: Love and will. At 4 years, he travels to the Dominican Republic. Where he studied and Radica. It began at an early age in the music world today produces the TV program: ”Una Razón Social”

Early in the year 1992, He kicked as much in the belly mom, and only when his father sing. it reassures: ”Julio Meran”. At 10 years he made his first appearance before the public in a social activity at the Clinic Cruz Jiminian, With Song: Tarde o Temprano Camilo Sesto. At 12 years, it starts recording and learn in studio recording.

At age 13, takes the stage Polo Barahona Coffee Festival, where he sang. He participated in actividadades, end of the year of Group Telemicro, also in the Parque Las Canquiñas del Mirador Sur: Actividad Social.

Sharing.. the stage with Joa, John District and the dancers in Pro-Fund for the School of Peace. in the Program Television “Alambrito” in Santo Domingo by the Dominican Mothers Day on the Boulevard of February 27. where singing’.

It has been recognized by the High Commission on Human Rights, so Like Elizabeth Suarez, [[Hector Acosta]] etc.